Complete lines for enrobing and decoration with chocolate and compound

ME.TRA manufactures enrobing and decorating lines for chocolate and compound with net width range between 250 and 2000 mm.
Belt speed up to 15 m/minute and tunnel length up to 100 m.

Main features:
  • Chocolate uniform distribution both on the upper surface and on the base.
  • Efficient vibration and ventilation.
  • Complete and easy extraction of the conveyor on the front side of the machine for an extraordinarily quick cleaning and maintenance also of the underneath collecting hopper.
  • Wire mesh belt conveyor easily interchangeable with plastic belt conveyor.
  • Maximum accessibility also to the lower part of the machine.
  • Program for automatic machine washing.
  • Tunnels with covers in fiberglass or stainless steel and high thickness extruded polyurethane insulation easily removable and liftable on both sides. The covers can also slide horizontally.
  • Double belt centering device.
  • Cooling by conduction, convection and radiation.
  • Product detaching table with its own belt and centering device.
  • C.E. Certification.


Linee complete di Ricopertura e Decorazione per cioccolato e compound